Studio or No Studio?

Yes, I rented a studio. In February.
Since then, HVAC, a bathroom, a parking lot and electrical wiring was supposed to be done. In the meantime, I’m waiting. Patiently.
I’m beginning to think it isn’t a good idea just yet.
My studio is just sitting there crying “Fix me!”. And nothing is being done.

It’s getting warmer outside. I’d much rather be outside than inside anyway.
Maybe I’ll wait on the whole studio thing.
I’ve already had my business line transferred to my house and I’ve taken what things I could out of it so I could use.
No sense in having it if it’s not being used.
I wish I would have known this in advance, before I told the realtor I wanted it.

Thank God I haven’t signed a lease yet.
Yeah…I think outside is better than inside. πŸ™‚
Maybe one of these days it will be sunny and I can take some pretty pictures for my followers! πŸ˜€


3 thoughts on “Studio or No Studio?

  1. Working with natural light is always better than studio light, I’ve worked with both and I would much rather be outdoors for photography sessions. That’s just my preference though. Good luck!

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