[Insert Brilliant Title Here]

When I look on the front page and click the photography tag, I get a very long list of intelligent titles. I swear…It takes me a good 5 minutes to think of a great title, so usually it just ends up being my first thought. So, the 5 minutes of thinking..pointless.
I am sooo sick of the weather here. I wish it were summer already. I can’t wait to get out there and do some shoots.

I read on one girl’s blog, she was talking about how it’s kind of upsetting to be known as “the photographer” …you know, you’e getting ready to go somewhere and someone asks you if you’ve brought your camera…If you’re a photographer, you’re digging it. So I wanted to respond to her:

” feel the same way… My family albums look my my husband is the best father in the world and mommy ran away. LOL”

It’s true.
I wish I had someone else here that could take pictures. Mikensie does a good job but whenever someone gets a shot of me, OMG I want to strangle them. It’s ALWAYS when i am looking the wrong way, eating, making a weird face. SOMETHING.

Maybe I should start looking for a photographer who will do TFP or TFCD before I get too old and my looks fade away.


Speak Your Peace!

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